Welcome to the website of SUP school Domstad!

On this page you will find a brief overview of the Dutch information on this site.

SUP SCHOOL DOMSTAD organizes LESSONS and TOURS for STAND UP PADDLE (SUP or supping). We don’t rent boards. All activities are under the guidance of a certified instructor (via the Academy of Surfing Instructors, ASI). During a lesson, much attention is paid to safety on the water and the right paddle technique. How to keep your board under control. Once a student has the right technique under control, they can start paying more attention to the surroundings! And of course start to enjoy the fun of supping!

In Stand Up paddle you stand on a surfboard and you move forward with a paddle. Because you stand up, you see a lot more of your surroundings! While paddling you use your entire body, that’s why the sport is seen as a total body workout fitness. The sport is growing greatly and is currently gaining popularity all over the world.
Utrecht is a beautiful city to visit from the water. Fortunately, the city offers many opportunities for them. So you can sail in a boat or you can rent a kayak. But now you can also explore the charming old town from a SUP board! SUP school Domstad offers next to lessons also tours. During a tour there is less attention to technique, but is chosen for nice routes through the city. To join a tour a student should know the basics of supping!

The cost of the different activities are;

Type lesson price pp Other info
Basic lesson (2 hours) €  30,-  suitable as first lesson!
5 lessons card (5x 1 lesson of 2 hours) € 120,-
1 hour lesson or tour €  20,- not suitable as first lesson
2 hour tour €  30,- Participants must have sufficient board control and paddle technique
4 hour tour €  50,- experience is required
daytour (6-8 hours) €  70,- experience is required
Other tours are negotiable consultation (route, time and price)
– All activities are under guidance of an instructor (w/m)

You can earn discounts on your lesson!
We love our wetland environment, but it is very fragile. The world knows big problems with plastics in the ocean. It is also known as the PLASTIC SOUP. SUP school Domstad takes it’s responsibility and motivates participants to take some of the litter out of the canals. For taking out litter during a tour or a lesson a participant can earn a discount on their activity.
You can earn discounts to a maximum of € 5, per person
1x plastic bottle (large or small) = € 1, discount
1x tin = € 0.50 discount
other waste that floats in the water = € 0.10 discount
So if you fish two plastic bottles, 1 tin and 5 plastic bags out of the water, you get € 3, discount!

If you have questions you can always sent an email to supschooldomstad@gmail.com and we will answer them as good as we can!

 We hope to see you soon!