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On this page you will find a brief overview of the Dutch information on this site. To plan a lesson, click on the booking button. We are still working on an English translation. If you can’t figure it out, don’t hassitate to sent us an email.

Our season is between April and October. If the booking system is not working, or you can’t find a suitable date/time, than please send us a mail.

SUP SCHOOL DOMSTAD organizes LESSONS and TOURS for STAND UP PADDLE (SUP or supping). We don’t rent boards. All activities are under the guidance of a certified instructor (via the Academy of Surfing Instructors, ASI). During a lesson, much attention is paid to safety on the water and the right paddle technique. How to keep your board under control. Once a student has the right technique under control, they can start paying more attention to the surroundings! And of course start to enjoy the fun of supping!

Are you already an EXPERIENCED paddler, you can choose a TECHNIQUE lesson. Or, if you are VISITING UTRECHT, we can make a lovely TOURISTIC TOUR through the canals with our instructor who can tell you all about the history of the canals and the city.

In Stand Up paddle you stand on a surfboard and you move forward with a paddle. Because you stand up, you see a lot more of your surroundings! While paddling you use your entire body, that’s why the sport is seen as a total body workout fitness. The sport is growing greatly and is currently gaining popularity all over the world.
Utrecht is a beautiful city to visit from the water. Fortunately, the city offers many opportunities for them. So you can sailing in a boat or you can rent a kayak. But now you can also explore the charming old town from a SUP board! SUP school Domstad offers tours for experienced paddlers, but also for beginners. In both cases the instructor tells you all about the history of the city. Beginners will get brief paddle intructions on forehand, and make a smaller tour.

The cost of the different activities are;

The lesson offers 2023:


PRIJS (pp)


2 hours


A good basic to learn how to SUP.
hour basic introduction how to use the paddle, rules and safety, and basic exercises on the water.
2nd hour relaxed paddling and enjoying with some feedback on paddle technique
-> suitable for beginners who like to learn the basics of Stand Up Paddling
TOUR beginners
2 hours


Suitable for beginners but more relaxation and touring
st 30 min very basic paddle technique, explaining the rules and safety on the water
After that we make a small tour alongside part of historical defensive structures and the famous wharf’s.
TOUR experienced paddlers:
2 hours
32,50 Only suitable for experienced paddlers
We make a nice tour, with instructor/guide, through the ancient canals, wharf’s, and historical buildings and defensive strongholds.  Duration of tour is between 1:45h and max 2:30h
TOUR experienced paddlers:
3 hours
37 Only suitable for experienced paddlers
We make can make a bigger tour, with instructor/guide, through the ancient canals, wharf’s, and historical buildings and defensive strongholds. And/or we go to the nature area around the city. Duration of tour is between 2:30h and max 3:15h
TOUR experienced paddlers:
4 hours
€ 45 Only suitable for experienced paddlers
We can make a big tour through the ancient canals, wharf’s, and/or beautiful nature areas around the city. All under the guidance of an instructor/guide. Duration of tour is about 4 hours. Inclusive lemonade and vegan snacks.
2 hours
several levels
max 4 participants


Suitable for after an introduction-lesson.
For anyone who want to develop themselves in the sport. We can offer several levels. Send us an email if you want to discus your level.
SAFETY & RESCUE training
3-4 hours
€ 45 Suitable when you know the basics of SUP paddling.
This is a wet training (you will be in the water a lot! So wetsuit is needed) You will learn how to safe yourself and others. You will learn several rescue techniques. And how to prepare on a safe tour.
Basically just for people with their own board (exceptions can be made)
bring your own board
30% Valid on all offers except the Safety & Rescue training

You can earn discounts on your lesson!
We love our wetland environment, but it is very fragile. The world knows big problems with plastics in the ocean. It is also known as the PLASTIC SOUP. SUP school Domstad takes it’s responsibility and motivates participants to take some of the litter out of the canals. For taking out litter during a tour or a lesson a participant can earn a discount on their activity.
You can earn discounts to a maximum of € 5, per person
1x plastic bottle (large or small) = € 1, discount
1x tin = € 0.50 discount
other waste that floats in the water = € 0.10 discount
So if you fish two plastic bottles, 1 tin and 5 plastic bags out of the water, you get € 3, discount!

If you have questions you can always sent an email to supschooldomstad@gmail.com and we will answer them as good as we can!

 We hope to see you soon!